Avondale Drive Blue Vinyl Record


NOTE: Vinyl and bandanas will ship separately from other apparel.

Nicki's new album on specialty blue vinyl.

About the record: 

Releasing in June of 2022, her new album, Avondale Drive, is a masterful exploration of what it means to be fully yourself, rather than a vessel for the expectations of others. “This album is a lot about building trust back in myself. Finding my own inner compass and aligning it to my authentic self,” she says.
Recorded in East Nashville with producer Jesse Noah Wilson, and featuring Oliver Wood, Erin Rae, AJ Croce, Jay Bellerose and others, Avondale Drive combines nostalgic country-rock with distinctly modern, clear-eyed lyricism—an apt contrast for the process of studying one’s past in order to make a better future.

Highlight tracks include “Friends”, a duet with Oliver Wood, “Love to Spare”, which Bluhm co-wrote with songwriter AJ Croce, and “Learn to Love Myself”, about the self-reflection that comes when you don’t have a person around to distract you from your own flaws.